Using React v16.13.1 I have the following component class with a Material-UI Button component and a RefObject to access the button element.

class Search extends React.Component<any, any>{

  constructor(props: any) {

    this.streetViewRef = React.createRef();

  private streetViewRef: React.RefObject<Button>;

for the following Button element

<Button ref={this.streetViewRef} size="sm" variant="primary" block >Street View</Button>

However, the following TypeScript error is displayed.

enter image description here

What needs to be changed to correct this error?

  • looks like it may use forwardRef so the ref type is React.RefObject<HTMLButtonElement> but I'm not sure, that error message is not very clear, otherwise you probably wouldn't need to ask :) Aug 13, 2020 at 18:35

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Take a look here https://www.selbekk.io/blog/2020/05/forwarding-refs-in-typescript/

The correct way to type a forwardRef component is:

type Props = {};
const Button = React.forwardRef<HTMLButtonElement, Props>(
  (props, ref) => <button ref={ref} {...props} />

You need to create ref with HTMLDivElement.


So, this would be better.

private streetViewRef = createRef<HTMLDivElement>();
  • Using HTMLDivElement results in the same TypeScript error. Also seems like the RefObject should be typed to match the HTML element which is a Material UI button?
    – ChrisP
    Aug 14, 2020 at 15:23

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