We are having a number of 18 AWS RDS instances, spread across 3 environments: test (3), stage (3) and prod (12). We are running SQL 2017 Standard CU19 (Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (RTM-CU19)) all across the board. We're also using a multi-az (default setup) and becuase of the standard edition the multi-az uses Database Mirroring (DBM) under the covers.

According to AWS support staff and docs, in a default multi-az setup you have one principal and one secondary. For most of our instances, this holds true.

For 2 of them, however, running this script, will produce 2 rows, like in this screenshot (actual instance names and endpoints have been hashed):


    @@SERVERNAME as [server_name],
    DB_NAME([database_id]) as [database_name],  
    [mirroring_role] IS NOT NULL) 
[mirroring_partner_instance] AS [partner_name], 
[mirroring_role_desc] FROM dbm

I opened a support case with them and:

  • I've confirmed with AWS support that all our DBs from those 2 instances have only one secondary where they reside
  • they claim it's nothing wrong on their end

I came across this last 7 days ago (or so) when I tried to come up with an alternate solution of detecting a fail over (long story short: there's a bug in RDS automation where they recycle error logs as often as they feel like it so I can't rely on the SQL error log).

Last time these instances were failed over was 27.07.2020, if it's important.

The suggested solution for fixing this situation is to force a failover from their end and see if the situation resolves. As we're not really impacted by this and it is not production, I'd rather stay like this in case I have to engage MS support. Till then, I was curious whether anybody else experienced this and if yes, what the solution was (and if available, what the root cause was).

Thanks in advance.

Alin Selicean

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