I'm getting the xml dump from different apps running the uiautomator dump command within a service of an app i built, in a rooted phone. Everything works fine when Chrome or Android System WebView are set as WebView implementation with a version different to 84. When version is 84, only in WebView apps, I can't get the views, the xml only shows that there's a WebView but doesn't show it's child elements.

I tried the same with Appium (just for testing purposes, in case of me missing something, because I need to get the xml within my app without being plugged to a pc), and the behavior is the same (as far as I know, Appium also uses uiautomator to dump the views).

I have tried in Android 8 with Chrome 81.0.4044.138, and in Android 9 with Android System WebView 77.0.3865.92, and works fine. When I update the Android 9 phone Android System WebView to most recent version (84.0.4147.125), cant't get elements from WebView apps, neither with Chrome, just get the WebView element.

What I want to know is if the last Android WebView versions (both Chrome and Android System, version 84) have something new that I'm missing, that don't let uiautomator to dump the xml file correctly from WebView-based apps. Maybe if I have to do something else, or if it's a bug. Thank you!

  • did you get the solution for this issue? – Pramod Nikule Jan 4 at 13:38
  • No, only "solution" for now is to change Chrome version. I'll try to get the window dump using accessibility service and see if this way works. – Gabriel Jan 4 at 17:52
  • I am getting the same issue on multiple device with Chrome version 83. I downgraded the chrome version and it is working fine for most of the devices. But for Android-11 device, the default version of chrome is 83 which can't be downgraded. Did you find any issue already reported for it? – Pramod Nikule Jan 5 at 6:42

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