How can I make 301 re directions from one url to another in NextJS application that is stored on Vercel?

I tried to add custom express server using server.js file but the re directions works only locally and then I read this at vercel: "A custom server can not be deployed on Vercel, the platform Next.js was made for." https://nextjs.org/docs/advanced-features/custom-server

Is there any way to make 301 re directions and still host my app on Vercel?

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Yes you can configure redirects within Vercel (while keeping the project hosted on Vercel). You just have to use a vercel.json file in the root of your directory. The format of the redirect is like this:

// vercel.json
  "source": "/when-user-hits-this-path",
  "destination": "/redirect-them-to-this-path"

There's more information on specifics in the vercel docs: https://vercel.com/docs/configuration#project/redirects

Good luck!

  • Jake
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    Note that this method will not work at runtime. This will not work for a use case such as checking a CMS or database if the redirect should take place.
    – Bufke
    Oct 7, 2020 at 15:28

If you're hosting on Vercel with NextJS and have a next.config.js and not a vercel.json you can do the following;

Edit next.config.js:

const moduleExports = {
  async rewrites() {
    return [
        source: '/foo',
        destination: '/bar'

module.exports = moduleExports;

Why does this work?: https://nextjs.org/docs/api-reference/next.config.js/redirects

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