So, I want to make a chart with a Syncfusion Cartesian chart, where the last 15 result of a calculation are shown on a date time x-axis. The results should be added to the list when a button is pressed on the page where it is calculated.


We have analyzed your scenario and we have created a simple sample and attached below in which we have generated 15 random data for the chart and added it to the list on button click and rendered the cartesian chart. You check the sample to view how to add chart data to the list on button click. Note: As we don’t know the exact calculation of the results of yours, we have kept the random generation of the data for the chart as the calculation part in the below-attached sample.

Sample link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oc9YjFz8i83TKGxqS6_AfO4_F2dPoMq3/view?usp=sharing

Please check the attached sample and get in touch with us if you require further assistance on this and also if we have misunderstood your requirement please revert us with more information on your requirement in detail so that it will be helpful in providing the solutions sooner.


Sriram Kiran


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