With buildroot-2020.05.1 I get errors as below when gdbserver is included

In file included from build-gnulib-gdbserver/import/stdint.h:556,
             from ../common/common-defs.h:66,
             from ../common/common-debug.c:20:
             error: conflicting declaration ‘typedef struct rpl_mbstate_t rpl_mbstate_t’
             58 |   } mbstate_t;

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Got the same issue right now. You have to enable wide characters support for the toolchain in Buildroot config:

  1. Run make nconfig (or make menuconfig if you prefer)
  2. Select Toolchain -> Enable WCHAR support, save config and exit
  3. Clean up previous toolchain build: make clean
  4. Build everything again: make -j$(nproc)

This helped me with Buildroot 2020.02.10 when compiling GCC 5.5.0 & uClibc for ARM32LE. Hope this will help you & other folks from Google too :)

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