After installing the PHP Slim Framework in my new PHP 7.4 box (composer create-project slim/slim-skeleton:dev-master ta-api) and visiting the URL (https://my-domain.com/ta-api/public) I get the next JSON error message:

  “statusCode”: 500,
  “error”: {
    “type”: “SERVER_ERROR”,
    “description”: “ERROR: Module ‘sqlite3’ already loaded on line 0 in file Unknown.”

What am I missing?


I assumming you're using a ci framework. If it is, then you should open the index.php in the folder of your project, find

define('ENVIRONMENT', isset($_SERVER['CI_ENV']) ? $_SERVER['CI_ENV'] : 'development');

and change it to

define('ENVIRONMENT', isset($_SERVER['CI_ENV']) ? $_SERVER['CI_ENV'] : 'production');

It's because your project is in development. So, you need to change it to "production".


Does seem to be the PHP version, I backed my PHP version to 7.3 and that error disappeared. On a previous test install (which I removed because of this problem) there were other PHP errors hopefully these are corrected now as well.


I have same error after uploaded a codeigniter project to directadmin panel.

enter image description here

I found server php version is 7.4(current). Then I changed to php version to 7.3 . It worked for me.


Change your php version from 7.4 to 7.3 , it will be fixed


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