I don't know why my code is auto formatted on save and for some reason changing the layout. I figured out this was due to auto format on save. How do I turn auto save off in Visual Studio Code?

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Here are the some basics steps to be followed to turn off auto complete.

Step:1 - Press Ctrl + Shift + P to open Command Palette. Then screen like below image appears. enter image description here

Step:2 - Type Save without formatting and click the matching option available. It either commands on click or redirects you to next interface.

If it works on click then it's fine and if your are redirected to next screen just uncheck auto format option under onsave. For me it worked on cick to the shown command.


This was introduced in back in 2018, the keybinding (on MacOS) is:

Cmd+K S

For keybindings for your own system, search for the command saveWithoutFormatting in the Command Palette


Default: Ctrl + k + Ctrl + Shift + s on 🪟 Windows.


For others having the same problem and if Save without format is inconvenient to do every time and if you want permanent settings for saving without format here are the steps:

Edit the settings.json file. You can do that with the command "Open Settings (JSON)"

press Command + Shift + P (to open the command palette) and start typing the command "Open Settings (JSON)" and select from the suggestions. VS Code command

The setting is named formatOnSave and you should set it to false, to disable it. It can be present multiple times for different types of things.

"editor.formatOnSave": false

It is best to search for "OnSave", because there might also be other settings that are doing formatting on Save, for example:


  • It is best to search for "OnSave" this saved me.
    – spitz
    Oct 28, 2021 at 18:30

In mac you can save without formatting with the following shortcut, (No need to touch the config): shortcut


If you don't want to open the command palette every-time, you can change the Ctrl/Cmd + S shortcut to make the action "Save without Formatting" and remove the shortcut for "Save".

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