I'm trying to implement an Accordion component with Material UI.
The problem I'm facing is that a gray line is automatically inserted above the component although I prefer white background. How can I remove it? Here is demo code.Material UI accordion component demo

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With the release of Material-UI v5.0.0-beta.0, custom styling has become much easier via use of the new sx prop.

The sx prop may be used on all Material-UI components as of v5. In our world, this has eliminated the need for hack-ish style overrides and custom classes.

Here's how to remove the "line above the accordion" with the sx={} prop.

return (
            '&:before': {
                display: 'none',
        <AccordionSummary expandIcon={<ExpandMore/>}>
            ...your summary here...
        <AccordionDetails sx={{ maxWidth: '480px' }}>
            ...your details here...

Note that I've passed the sx prop to <AccordionDetails/> as well.

You must pass an object to sx so you're always going to have a double set of curly braces...

sx={{ borderBottom: '1px solid #dddddd', borderRadius: '4px' }}
  • I believe the :before pseudo-element was removed from Accordion in MUI v5.
    – ob-ivan
    Mar 24, 2022 at 15:25

To make gray line white you have to override the css classes of Accordion element.

The grey line comes from .MuiAccordion-root:before style. So at first change Accordion props adding classes props like:

      root: classes.MuiAccordionroot

And then on your useStyles add:

MuiAccordionroot: {
    "&.MuiAccordion-root:before": {
      backgroundColor: "white"

and grey line becames white. Here your code modified.

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    Thanks, this worked great for me! Small improvement suggestion: instead of making the background white (which still consumes 1px space), you can fully remove the line by setting height: 0 Feb 16, 2021 at 19:31
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    You can also use "&.MuiAccordion-root:before": { display: 'none' } so you totally get rid of it
    – Akis
    Jul 7, 2022 at 20:45
  • You can also just wrap the Accordion in a div and it will go away. Sep 21, 2022 at 19:37

Try adding some css file and access this class MuiAccordion-root:before and change it's height to 0px. It's the pseudo-element that's showing the gray line above the Accordian.

// in my TS project i did it like this: 
const useStyles = makeStyles((theme: Theme) =>
    test: {
      '&:before': {
        display: 'none',

    root: classes.test,
 To remove line between Accordion summary and Accordion details you just need to pass borderBottom='none !important' 
const useStyles = makeStyles({
borderBottom:'none !important'

const AccordionComp=()=>{  
 const classes = useStyles();
<AccordionSummary className={classes.Summary}>

export default AccordionComp;
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You can wrap the Accordion component in a div and it will remove the line. It comes from a :before property that I imagine is helpful when you have more than one in a row to visually divide.

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