The following solution can support universalLink on simulator.

I have an app that support the UniversalLink. User click the supported links in the website, will be navigated to the features in the application.

But It failed to work on the iOS 14 beta 4. Instead of open the the app, it opens a webpage instread.

After research, as I can see from the document here https://developer.apple.com/documentation/bundleresources/entitlements/com_apple_developer_associated-domains enter image description here

Need to update the Service.entitlements to support both iOS 13 and iOS 14


It is working well on the simulator. But I am unable to make it working on the devices. Anyone can help this.


If you want to open the application in a development environment you must:

Step 1: Specify the associated domains

service:fully qualified_domain?mode=alternate mode

ex: applinks:YOUR_DOMAIN?mode=developer

Step 2: Enable Associated Domain Development on device

On the test device, you need to activate the Associated Domain Development setting which is in : Setup -> Developer



  • I've been trying to figure it for hours. Thanks – Onur Var Jan 18 at 22:07

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