I need to implement a 'Close' button in Menu component of react-select. How can I close Menu after clicking on this button? Is there a prop or function that I can use?

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    Does this answer your question? Programmatically close react-select menu
    – bas
    Aug 21, 2020 at 9:47
  • Unfortunately, no. I do not even use input in my react-select so this solution does not work for me. I need some method which I can call when I need to close the menu. Is there such method in Menu component? Aug 21, 2020 at 14:04

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You can use the menuIsOpen prop and control the value of this prop with a button something like this:

class App extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
      open: false

  closeMenu = () => {
    this.setState({ open: false });

  render() {
    return (
      <div className="App">
          onMenuOpen={() => this.setState({ open: true })}
        <button onClick={this.closeMenu}>close menu</button>

You will need to apply some styles so the button doesn't get overlapped by the select menu.


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