When running a PyTorch training program with num_workers=32 for DataLoader, htop shows 33 python process each with 32 GB of VIRT and 15 GB of RES.

Does this mean that the PyTorch training is using 33 processes X 15 GB = 495 GB of memory? htop shows only about 50 GB of RAM and 20 GB of swap is being used on the entire machine with 128 GB of RAM. So, how do we explain the discrepancy?

Is there a more accurate way of calculating the total amount of RAM being used by the main PyTorch program and all its child DataLoader worker processes?

Thank you

  • Late, but VIRT in htop roughly refers to the amount of RAM your process has access to. Whereas RES is the actual RAM consumed. From my understanding, RES is something that's based on the parent process – so look at the RES usage of the parent (set yourself to tree view) to get a rough idea of how much RAM you're using, total. nvidia-smi would also be a good proxy in terms of GPU memory. – John yesterday

There is a python function called tracemalloc which is used to trace memory blocks allocated to python. https://docs.python.org/3/library/tracemalloc.html

  • Tracebacks
  • Statics on memory per filename
  • Compute the diff between snapshots
import tracemalloc
do_someting_that_consumes_ram_and releases_some()
# show how much RAM the above code allocated and the peak usage
current, peak =  tracemalloc.get_traced_memory()
print(f"{current:0.2f}, {peak:0.2f}")



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