I'm doing some return analysis and it dawned on me I can't simply sumRows to find returns of dates as the trading amounts very. I thought I'd equalize the trading quantities based on price but it doesn't seem like add.rule can see mktdata.

This is what I was trying

             name               =   "ruleSignal",
             value = mktdata[,"Adjusted"],
             arguments          =   list(
               sigcol           =   "Buytime",
               sigval           =   TRUE,
               orderqty     =   value,
               ordertype        =   "market",
               orderside        =   "long",
               pricemethod      =   "market",
               replace          =   TRUE,
               TxnFees              =   -.txnfees
               #osFUN               =   osMaxPos
             type               =   "enter",
             path.dep           =   TRUE,
             label              =   "Entry")

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