I was looking for how to download an image and I found a code here in stack, however when testing it in my application it gives me an error, someone could help me with this enter image description here

_notificationImage(String urlImage, String title, String author, int index) async {
    //comment out the next two lines to prevent the device from getting
    // the image from the web in order to prove that the picture is 
    // coming from the device instead of the web.
    var response = await get(urlImage); // <--2
    var documentDirectory = await getApplicationDocumentsDirectory();
    var firstPath =  documentDirectory.path +"/test_audio" + "/images";
    var filePathAndName = documentDirectory.path  + '/images/pic.jpg'; 
    // comment out the next three lines to prevent the image from being saved
    // to the device to show that it's coming from the internet
    Directory(firstPath).create(recursive: true);
      File file2 = File(filePathAndName);             // <-- 2
      file2.writeAsBytesSync(response.bodyBytes);         // <-- 3
      setState(() {
      imageNotification = filePathAndName;
      dataLoaded = true;
    }); // <-- 1
  • try this: flutter.dev/docs/cookbook/images/cached-images – Uni Aug 22 '20 at 5:53
  • I need the image to show it in a multimedia notification with the local notification package, this package is to show it in the front of the application and the local notification package in the image asks me for a String bitmap if you could explain to me how to use an image from the internet for a notification in flutter I would appreciate it – Andres Cuello Aug 22 '20 at 16:20

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