I have installed jenkins before on some machines from the .war file and the from the web page installed as a windows service.

Now I am trying to install it on a different machine through the .msi file, but I am having an issue, on the installation steps there is one step which asks me "Logon type" which gives me 2 choices as it can be seen on the image. I do not know the differences between them and also it only lets me choose run service as a local system(not recommended) adn this install jenkins on the windows/system32 folder. I have been loking to tutorials but it seems all of them skip this step. I have also search on here with no success. Does anyone know the difference and how to use the recommended one? I have tried to enter my windows and jenkins credentials and nothing. What user and password are to be entered on this window?

Jenkins Menu

Thanks in advance!


I suggest reading the old installation documentation, the new installer updates, the actual Install on Windows doc, as well as MS Doc Using the LocalSystem Account as a Service Logon Account, S/O explanation The difference between the 'Local System' account and the 'Network Service' account? and S/O explanation Why running a service as Local System is bad on windows?.

In short, you want to create a specific service account to run Jenkins because it's safer than running as highly privileged LocalSystem - Win equivalent of root. That account must have LogonAsService rights.

See MS docs Enable Service Logon and Log on as a service

Also, the new installer is literally new, .. I have raised JENKINS-63477 to get documentation improved.

  • Thanks a lot! I am gonna read the links and hopefully it will be clear Aug 24 '20 at 8:31
  • fyi: I have raised a jira ticket for this and updated my response. If you find my response helpful, please mark as answered (and upvote) so others can reference this.
    – Ian W
    Aug 24 '20 at 8:43

I am not a Windows specialist (I have just installed Jenkins on Linux boxes) but I think that screen refers to the operating system starting the Jenkins' service on your machine.

What a would do is create a local user for Jenkins, with the proper permissions so it can have access to what it needs.

As Local machine it will have a full access to the whole computer and services.

The tricky part is finding the proper permissions, but you can try to check on Jenkins website to see if the have a guide.

Hope this helped


I experience this problem also, It happens that the new jenkins at this time does not support the current Java JDK 15, so what I did was to uninstall java 15 and instead used java 11 JDK check from your command line with java --version Once you have the right JDK From you cmd line; navigate to where you have Jenkins installed C:\Program Files\Jenkins and then run >java -jar jenkins.war Follow the command from there, it should be smooth

  • If I could give this more negative rating, I would. The original question makes no mention of JDK, though it is well documented Jenkins only supports JDK 8 or 11. Running java -jar jenkins.war does not explain what account to run it under, which is the OP's issue. Further, if you run as cmd, then as soon as you close the window, the app stops. You do not discuss how to run as a service, which can still be done but again comes back to under what user - yourself? Suggest deleting your "answer".
    – Ian W
    Oct 1 at 18:34

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