I am looking for a simple way to parse an XML structure with a repeated element using Jackson. Here is a simplified example:

           <b>some content</b>
           <c>some content</c>
           <b>some content</b>
           <c>some content</c>
           <b>some content</b>
           <c>some content</c>

   ... some other content ...

I would like to collect all the x elements in a list or array The problem is that when using something like:


the result contains only the last instance of x so it looks like some map key gets overwritten. There is a solution using JsonParser e.g.: XmlMapper().createParser(xml) but it's a bit icky.

Is there a better way?


The way I read the "Known Limitations" section in the README , XML seems to be a second class citizen in Jackson. I accept @galuszkak 's answer as it is what it is , but to my mind when a developer invokes XmlMapper().readTree(xml) they do not expect XML processing to be shoehorned into JSON processing model with the limitations that come with that approach.

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The problem mentioned here is described in this Github issue: https://github.com/FasterXML/jackson-dataformat-xml/issues/187

Basically what is happening is that Jackson is translating XML tree structure in JsonNode data model and this will not work as it's not supported.

There is 2 options described in that Github issue:

  • Fully transform this XML to JSON (answer from @cawena on Github)
  • Or if you know your data structure to just use answer from p0sitron which is:


List<List<JsonNode>> elA = xmlMapper.readValue(xml, new TypeReference<List<List<JsonNode>>>() { });
assertEquals(3, elA.get(0).size());
  • Thanks, by the way it is not I who is "trying to do is use XML tree structure in JsonNode data model " - it is Jackson. Aug 23, 2020 at 14:20
  • @DavidSoroko I understand how this could sound, apologize if this wasn't well explained/received. Actually you can use Jackson in many ways, the way it was used indicated translating it into JsonNode. I edited my answer to reflect better what is asked.
    – galuszkak
    Aug 23, 2020 at 14:43
  • works fine in 2.13.2
    – Alex
    Aug 31, 2023 at 15:06

After a lot of research, I finally figured a solution.

I was using jackson-dataformat-xml:2.15.2 library.

Here is a piece of XML I tried to parse (a PersonList XML),

      <VALUE>General Manager</VALUE>
      <VALUE>Regional Office</VALUE>
      <VALUE>Interior Monastery</VALUE>

Here is the corresponding data class in Kotlin (for Designation & Value),

//Inside PersonList data class constructor
   @JacksonXmlElementWrapper(localName = "DESIGNATION")
   @JacksonXmlProperty(localName = "DESIGNATION")
   val designation: List<Value>,
...) {  //Inside PersonList data class body
         @JacksonXmlRootElement(localName = "VALUE")
         data class Value (
            val value: String?

Here is the corresponding Kotlin code for parsing (the PersonList XML),

   val xmlString = response.body!!.string()
   //Parse XML String
   val xmlMapper: ObjectMapper = XmlMapper.builder()
   val personList = xmlMapper.readValue(xmlString, PersonList::class.java)

Voilà, it works!!

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