I am seeking help on the following issue: I have two tables Table_1 columns are itemid, locationid, quantity

Table_2 columns are itemid, location1, location2, location3

I want to copy data from Table_1 (only quantity column) into Table_2 (into location1 column). The itemid are same in both the tables(Table_1 has duplicate item id's) so that's the reason I want to copy to a new table and keep all quantity in one single row with each location as a column. I am using the below query but it doesn't work

 SELECT qty 
 FROM Table_1 
 WHERE locationid = 1 AND Table_1.locationid = Table_2.locationid

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If table_2 is empty, then try the following insert statement:

insert into table_2 (itemid,location1) 
select itemid,quantity from table_1 where locationid=1

If table_2 already contains the itemid values, then try this update statement:

update table_2 set location1=
(select quantity from table_1 where locationid=1 and table_1.itemid = table_2.itemid)
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    Just this is enough if you have same columns: insert into table_2 select itemid,quantity from table_1 where locationid=1
    – Tarik
    Mar 7, 2018 at 22:40
INSERT INTO `test`.`product` ( `p1`, `p2`, `p3`) 
SELECT sum(p1), sum(p2), sum(p3) 
FROM `test`.`product`;

Below is an example of such a query:

INSERT INTO [93275].[93276].[93277].[93278] ( [Mobile Number], [Mobile Series], [Full Name], [Full Address], [Active Date], company ) IN 'I:\For Test\90-Mobile Series.accdb
SELECT [1].[Mobile Number], [1].[Mobile Series], [1].[Full Name], [1].[Full Address], [1].[Active Date], [1].[Company Name]
WHERE ((([1].[Mobile Series])="93275" Or ([1].[Mobile Series])="93276")) OR ((([1].[Mobile Series])="93277"));OR ((([1].[Mobile Series])="93278"));
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    Welcome to Stack Overflow. Two things on this anwer. 1) code should be formatted. Indent it by four spaces. 2) It's best to explain why your code solves the questioner's problem.
    – O. Jones
    Jun 24, 2017 at 11:35

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