To know which PowerShell modules are available on a machine I use the command

Get-Module -ListAvailable

This returns a list with module-type, -name and the exported commands. But the exported commands are always empty and just displaying {}. Why is this not displayed?

Do I have to use another parameter or is there another cmdlet or method to retrieve the available commands?

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Exported commands are not available if the module is not loaded. You need to load the module first and then execute Get-Command:

Import-Module -Name <ModuleName>
Get-Command -Module <ModuleName>

Use the parameter -ListAvailable

Get-Module <moduleName> -ListAvailable | % { $_.ExportedCommands.Values }

"<moduleName>" is optional. Omit to show all available modules.

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[enter image description here][1]In the meantime this command here answers the question:

Get-Command -Module <#Your Module#>

Pretty simple...

Here the Output: https://i.stack.imgur.com/bITl0.jpg

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This will List all the commands under a module and search through them:

Get-Command -Module dbatools| ?{$_.name -match 'service'}

PowerShell 2.0 - this works for me:

Get-Module <moduleName> | % {$_.ExportedCommands.Values}

To list the loaded modules in the current session:

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