When importing the system library in Scala using Intellij and sbt as in the example below, it fails and gives the following issue:

import system.dispatcher


[info] Compiling 3 Scala sources to /Users/markramakers/Downloads/akka-websockets-demo-master/target/scala-2.13/classes ...
[error] /Users/markramakers/Downloads/akka-websockets-demo-master/src/main/scala/com/amdelamar/chat/ChatRoom.scala:11:8: not found: object system
[error] import system.dispatcher
[error]        ^

I can't find any examples of this online with the system library - any help is welcome!

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system is not a library. In your examples system probably refers to an instance of ActorSystem. Probably your code would look somethng like this:

import scala.concurrent._
import akka.actor._

val system: ActorSytem = ActorSystem() // or however you initialise your ActorSystem
val ec: ExecutionContext = system.dispatcher


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