I'm using Jetpack Compose and the Preview show just the title:


But if i use the dev13 version it works fine.

IDE: Android Studio 4.2 Canary 7
Compose: 0.1.0-dev17

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This is a known problem. It is supposed to be fixed in Android Studio 4.2 Canary 8.

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    I'm still facing the same issue using Android Studio 4.2 Canary 13 / kotlinCompilerVersion '1.4.10' / kotlinCompilerExtensionVersion '1.0.0-alpha03' Oct 13, 2020 at 21:53

For anyone still looking for this in 2022

I had a spelling mistake in my dimens.xml, where I typed

    <dimen name="composeMinTouchTargetSize">48.dp</dimen>

The dot shouldn't be there. Device ignores it, Android Studio balks without error

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