I have an experiment that goes from Qualtrics to a jsPsych experiment (hosted on Pavlovia), then to another Pavlovia experiment (built in PsychoPy builder). I am trying to pass Participant ID through the URL to all of these places. So far it is getting to jsPsych just fine, but I'm having trouble sending it to the second Pavlovia experiment.

From Qualtrics I'm appending the url to add ?id=${e://Field/id} and this is working just fine and I can see the id number when the jsPsych experiment loads from Pavlovia

From jsPsych I'm appending the url to add ?participant=${jsPsych.data.urlVariables().id} and other internally generated variables (deg2px_x=${jsPsych.data.deg2px_x}&deg2px_y=${jsPsych.data.deg2px_y})

When the experiment proceeds to the second Pavlovia experiment, the url looks like this: https://run.pavlovia.org/Eslifkin/visualsearchandpersonality/html/?participant=${jsPsych.data.urlVariables().id}&deg2px_x=${jsPsych.data.deg2px_x}&deg2px_y=${jsPsych.data.deg2px_y}

It is not pulling any of the data, it is simply logging the words in the URL.

I don't know if this is the correct way to pass the URL variable, but this is how it was recommended to me to do it. I have jsPsych console.log the ID, but I'm unable to pass that either. The 2 deg2px variables were previously working fine and passing correctly, but now they're not (I didn't change anything that I know of that would affect this).

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