at the moment I have two projects. A "Backend" MVC project for managing information (working completely fine). I am now building a "Frontend" MVC project. I am using the provided demos from ASP NET ZEROS.

i have created app services and within my Backend app services, I can access the app services and the methods within that services without any issues like below.

var _listingService = abp.services.app.listings;

I am trying to do the exact same in my other project but unfortunately, I am unable to access the services. abp object is available but services is undefined

enter image description here

May I ask, how do I get access to my app services from another application? I think something else has to be configured before I can use it, but I am not entirely sure what.

Update: 2020-08-26

I was able to add this line

<script src="~/AbpServiceProxies/GetAll?type=jquery" type="text/javascript"></script>

This created a proxy from my controller to javascript. I can then link my controllers to my appservices. But I am hoping going from javascript straight to appservices.

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    Are you describing a disconnected architecture? For instance I would deploy the backend MVC project independently as the API and the front end should reference it via http calls so that the two could be deployed and scaled independently. If you intend for it to be connected so the whole lot is deployed as a single unit, that can be done too, but then what was the point of splitting it into 2 different MVC projects? – Chris Schaller Aug 27 at 0:33
  • @ChrisSchaller Not quite a disconnected project. The two projects never communicate to each other. It's really a question of why can I access appservices from one project but not the other. – Master Aug 27 at 0:37
  • In your backend application (Web API), have you enabled CORS? This is a basic requirement to allow it to be accessed through another domain. See more about it here: docs.microsoft.com/pt-br/aspnet/core/security/… – Silvair L. Soares Aug 27 at 13:19
  • @Master could you clarify why AbpServiceProxies/GetAll doesn't work for you? It declares abp.serives.app.* objects and gives you access right to the Application Services bypassing controllers. – Alexey Merson Sep 2 at 9:57
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    Your question is not very clear. Please provide us more useful code snippets or share some repository that contains the same issue you're getting. – André Andrade Sep 2 at 12:45

you can add

    .ForAll<IApplicationService>(Assembly.GetAssembly(typeof(yourModule)), "jquery")

, More info in https://aspnetboilerplate.com/Pages/Documents/Dynamic-Web-API?searchKey=Proxy

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