It is possible to move to a certain position on a page using #elementId. How can I do the same thing using Javascript / Jquery. When a JS function is called, I want to scroll to the specific position on that page.

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After much googling I found that you just need to do this:

location.hash = "elementId"
  • That's a really nice one, thanks! – Jack May 3 at 17:06

Here's an example function that I tested on today's New York Times front page using the browser console:

function scrollToElement(pageElement) {    
    var positionX = 0,         
        positionY = 0;    

    while(pageElement != null){        
        positionX += pageElement.offsetLeft;        
        positionY += pageElement.offsetTop;        
        pageElement = pageElement.offsetParent;        
        window.scrollTo(positionX, positionY);    

var pageElement = document.getElementById("insideNYTimesHeader");

Another solution is scrollIntoView()

  • when behavior:smooth will be available , this will be the perfect solution (as right now it just jumps - which is not ideal UX) – Symba Aug 7 '17 at 8:11

you can use scrollTop to scroll up.

you can use this plugin too

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