I am migrating local users from SQL database to Azure AD B2C. Azure AD uses user principle name (UPN) by default for login. I have gone through below documentation but not able to understand how can I configure Azure AD to use my existing username as alternate login. I also need to update password for each user upon first login. It is a web application where I want to shift user authentication to Azure AD B2C by redirecting app users to a customized microsoft login page.



Many thanks in advance

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When creating the user, see this sample.

You put the users username in the issuerAssignedId value.

  "identities": [
      "signInType": "emailAddress",
      "issuer": "b2cprod.onmicrosoft.com",
      "issuerAssignedId": "[email protected]"

On a raw attribute level, this is called signInNames.[signInType]. You will see it referred as signInNames.X in the Custom Policy.

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