I've been peacefully developing on Windows without adding any gems for a few weeks now and today I decided to do a bundle update, but I cannot get through this gem called therubyracer. I have the devkit installed and it is working according to the documentation's verification procedure.

My question is: is there a way to install this gem at all on windows?

And is this gem going to be required by rails 3.1 and this is why now that I do a bundle update it is being 'slipped' into the rails 3.0.8 as a gesture of early kick start for future 3.1 migration?

EDIT including Gemfile and Gemfile.lock

# Gemfile
# source 'http://rubygems.org'
source :rubygems

gem 'rails'
gem 'rake', '0.8.7'
gem 'youtube_it'
gem 'panda'
gem "nifty-generators"
# gem "mongoid", "2.0.0.rc.7"
gem "mongoid"
gem "mongoid-eager-loading"
# gem 'mongoid_search'
gem "bson_ext", ">1.1.5"
gem 'devise'
gem 'cancan'
gem 'hirb'
# gem 'heroku'
gem 'rest-client'
gem 'less' # needs the more plugin
# gem 'hash_extension'
gem 'aws-s3', :require => 'aws/s3' # s3.rb
gem 'jquery-rails', ">= 0.2.7" # rails g jquery:install
# gem 'mongrel', ">= 1.2.0.pre2"
gem 'delayed_job'
gem 'delayed_job_mongoid'
gem 'kaminari'

# Gemfile.lock
  remote: http://rubygems.org/
    abstract (1.0.0)
    actionmailer (3.0.8)
      actionpack (= 3.0.8)
      mail (~> 2.2.19)
    actionpack (3.0.8)
      activemodel (= 3.0.8)
      activesupport (= 3.0.8)
      builder (~> 2.1.2)
      erubis (~> 2.6.6)
      i18n (~> 0.5.0)
      rack (~> 1.2.1)
      rack-mount (~> 0.6.14)
      rack-test (~> 0.5.7)
      tzinfo (~> 0.3.23)
    activemodel (3.0.8)
      activesupport (= 3.0.8)
      builder (~> 2.1.2)
      i18n (~> 0.5.0)
    activerecord (3.0.8)
      activemodel (= 3.0.8)
      activesupport (= 3.0.8)
      arel (~> 2.0.10)
      tzinfo (~> 0.3.23)
    activeresource (3.0.8)
      activemodel (= 3.0.8)
      activesupport (= 3.0.8)
    activesupport (3.0.8)
    arel (2.0.10)
    aws-s3 (0.6.2)
    bcrypt-ruby (2.1.4-x86-mingw32)
    bson (1.3.1)
    bson_ext (1.3.1)
    builder (2.1.2)
    cancan (1.6.5)
    daemons (1.1.3)
    delayed_job (2.1.4)
      activesupport (~> 3.0)
    delayed_job_mongoid (1.0.2)
      delayed_job (~> 2.1.1)
      mongoid (~> 2.0.0.rc)
    devise (1.3.4)
      bcrypt-ruby (~> 2.1.2)
      orm_adapter (~> 0.0.3)
      warden (~> 1.0.3)
    erubis (2.6.6)
      abstract (>= 1.0.0)
    hirb (0.4.5)
    i18n (0.5.0)
    jquery-rails (1.0.10)
      railties (~> 3.0)
      thor (~> 0.14)
    json (1.5.2)
    kaminari (0.12.4)
      rails (>= 3.0.0)
    less (1.2.21)
      mutter (>= 0.4.2)
      treetop (>= 1.4.2)
    mail (2.2.19)
      activesupport (>= 2.3.6)
      i18n (>= 0.4.0)
      mime-types (~> 1.16)
      treetop (~> 1.4.8)
    mime-types (1.16)
    mongo (1.3.1)
      bson (>= 1.3.1)
    mongoid (2.0.2)
      activemodel (~> 3.0)
      mongo (~> 1.3)
      tzinfo (~> 0.3.22)
    mongoid-eager-loading (0.3.1)
    mutter (0.5.3)
    nifty-generators (0.4.6)
    oauth (0.4.4)
    orm_adapter (0.0.5)
    panda (1.4.2)
      ruby-hmac (>= 0.3.2)
    polyglot (0.3.1)
    rack (1.2.3)
    rack-mount (0.6.14)
      rack (>= 1.0.0)
    rack-test (0.5.7)
      rack (>= 1.0)
    rails (3.0.8)
      actionmailer (= 3.0.8)
      actionpack (= 3.0.8)
      activerecord (= 3.0.8)
      activeresource (= 3.0.8)
      activesupport (= 3.0.8)
      bundler (~> 1.0)
      railties (= 3.0.8)
    railties (3.0.8)
      actionpack (= 3.0.8)
      activesupport (= 3.0.8)
      rake (>= 0.8.7)
      thor (~> 0.14.4)
    rake (0.8.7)
    rest-client (1.6.1)
      mime-types (>= 1.16)
    ruby-hmac (0.4.0)
    thor (0.14.6)
    treetop (1.4.9)
      polyglot (>= 0.3.1)
    tzinfo (0.3.28)
    warden (1.0.4)
      rack (>= 1.0)
    xml-simple (1.0.16)
    youtube_it (1.4.2)
      oauth (>= 0.4.4)


  bson_ext (> 1.1.5)
  jquery-rails (>= 0.2.7)
  rake (= 0.8.7)
  • 1
    Are you deploying the app on Windows too? If not (e.g. you're deploying to Heroku) then you can remove the dependency on therubyracer in your Windows environment. Happy to expand if this is your scenario. Jul 14, 2011 at 17:42
  • @Dominic Sayers -- No, not on Windows, but yes on Heroku. My guess is, if I don't directly interact with a gem which cannot be installed at all on Windows, but Heroku being Linux so it should be fine. So I don't exactly know how to exclude it from the dependencies a Rails app. I mean, I never specified it in my Gemfile in the first place. It just sort of popped up in my "bundle update" one day. Thanks!
    – Nik So
    Jul 16, 2011 at 20:31

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No, there is no way that I know of to currently install this gem on Windows. The problem is that there is currently no pre-compiled version of the libv8 gem for Windows, and the source version is only compatible with *nix. It does not necessarily have to be that way, it just requires somebody taking the time to make the compile work for Windows. https://github.com/cowboyd/libv8

That said, Windows should come with a JScript, the Microsoft JavaScript runtime, which Rails (via execjs) will automatically detect and use, so you should be able to just remove your dependency on therubyracer.

As the maintainer of that gem, this would of course make me sad, but it should get you on your way.

  • Oh wow, what a pleasure to have you (the maintainer) to answer my question THANKS!! -- Thanks for the execjs hint, I will look it up. Sorry to be a bother, do you happen to know how one can find out gem denpendencies in Rails?
    – Nik So
    Jun 15, 2011 at 20:56
  • Nik, If all you're doing is using the vaniall Rails 3.1 asset pipeline with coffeescript, then you should be able to just use the execjs gem which will delegate detect that you are on Windows and use the Microsoft JScript interpreter. Then you wouldn't need to have therubyracer in your Gemfile at all. Jul 17, 2011 at 3:17
  • I have been able to update the Gemfile through "bundle update development" -- Reason: I have this line which is scoped to the :production group of the Gemfile that installs therubyracer as I read somewhere that it is needed for Heroku ( whether or not it is still needed, I am unsure) so everytime I do a plain "bundle update" the same error gets thrown, but if I do the above "bundle update development" it works. --- I have read quite a handful of blog posts that basically reiterate what you're saying, that execjs should kick in and tell rails to use native MS engine, but not true...
    – Nik So
    Jul 18, 2011 at 5:42
  • 19
    Hi, just to add a quick note: You can write gem 'therubyracer', :platform => :ruby in your Gemfile, so that therubyracer is only installed on linux and OSX, but NOT Windows. Jan 4, 2012 at 8:09
  • 1
    Nathan, that's true but under cygwin you are in windows and :platform => :ruby has no effect Jul 24, 2012 at 12:29

This is essentially what Nik has done, I believe:

In your Gemfile isolate the TheRubyRacer gem to the production environment like this:

group :production do
  gem 'therubyracer-heroku', :platform => :ruby

In your development environment, instead of a plain bundle install do

bundle install --without production

or, as Nik suggests, bundle install development. When you deploy to Heroku it will install the gem because it is the production environment.

Rails gurus: please suggest edits to make this less sucky.

  • Yes, indeed. The Gemfile I've been using the past couple of weeks looks similar and I do do "bundle install development" to avoid any error messages. I do hope the Rails core team will bestow adjustment to Rails so to make general Rails installation/ussage across the three main platform essentially the same. Thanks for keeping coming back to this question Dominic
    – Nik So
    Jul 23, 2011 at 4:30
  • 2
    You could add gem 'therubyracer', :platform => :ruby in your Gemfile, so that therubyracer is only installed on linux and OSX, and not Windows Jan 4, 2012 at 8:14
  • Thanks for the suggestion nathan.f77. I've edited my answer as you suggest. Jan 5, 2012 at 17:00

The reason for all of these problems is the therubyracer-0.11.0beta1-x86-mingw32.gem and the v8.dll.

I have complied the necessary dlls and gem files and upload them to github.

download the package and follow the instructions.


  • I tried what you said on the instructions and I'm getting message Successfully installed therubyracer-0.11.0beta1-x86-mingw32 1 gem installed Installing ri documentation for therubyracer-0.11.0beta1-x86-mingw32... Installing RDoc documentation for therubyracer-0.11.0beta1-x86-mingw32... and copied the dll files, to bin folder, restarted machine 3 times. I'm running on windows 7. Still bundle install shows error.
    – Jay
    Dec 16, 2012 at 22:09
  • put less-rails gem in your bundle file and run bundle install ex :- gem 'less-rails' gem 'therubyracer'
    – Hiran
    Jan 22, 2013 at 5:04
  • 1
    @Hiran I tried it under my C:\RailsInstaller\Ruby1.9.3\bin but it wont work..let me know how do i fix it..im still struggling in removing this therubyracer problem
    – swapnesh
    May 11, 2013 at 13:57
  • 1
    The instructions in your link work flawlessly on Windows7 64bit. Thanks! May 15, 2013 at 4:50
  • Getting v8_context.rb:2:in require': cannot load such file -- v8 (LoadError) on running rails server. Besides, I don't see libv8 in the Gemfile.lock Dec 14, 2013 at 19:55

There is build for windows. It can be manually downloaded and installed by gem install therubyracer-0.11.0beta1-x86-mingw32.gem.

  • ERROR: Could not find a valid gem 'therubyracer-0.11.0beta1-x86-mingw32.gem' (>= 0) in any repository
    – blockloop
    Oct 23, 2012 at 21:19
  • 4
    NOTE: you have to download the gem to your local directory and reference it locally Download link: github.com/downloads/stereobooster/therubyracer/…
    – blockloop
    Oct 23, 2012 at 21:22
  • @blockloop can you tell me how you did this? I cloned the directory, followed the instructions. Didn't work. Then I read your thing, and in Gemfile pointed the path to where I saved therubyracer-0.11.0beta1-x86-mingw32.gem. But when I run bundle it doesn't detect it.
    – Ka Mok
    Jul 20, 2016 at 21:20

To answer part of your question about Rails 3.1, here's the deal...

Rails 3.1 currently uses a gem that requires a javascript runtime to be installed on the machine. On Mac you typically don't have to worry about this since it already has one, but Linux (and I think Windows too) you need to install one. So, therubyracer, or sometimes node or nodejs, are sometimes installed since they provide that.

However, one of the main Rails guys said they plan to fix that dependency before the final Rails 3.1 release, so hopefully that'll happen and the dependency will be gone.

  • I see so Rails 3.1 does/will require that probably for the asset packaging thing. Since you mention about the nodejs, I've heard that they might have a version for windows, I'm just going to what-the-hell install it on my computer first to see if rails "detects" it and ignore installing therubyracer (for now). Thank you
    – Nik So
    Jun 15, 2011 at 20:58

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