I would like to know that whether it is possible to connect an ECS instance with RDS instance? If yes, then please explain the process or please share some resources to know about the process.

Thank You!!


Yes you can connect the ECS instance to the RDS instance through the internet by using the public address of the RDS instance.


Did you mean your application on your ECS being able to connect to your RDS? Yes, of cause. enter image description here (Source)

After you create your RDS, you'll have to configure a whitelist of IPs which can access your RDS, and create your accounts and databases on RDS. Then you can connect to your RDS through your ECS by your application or client using the internal endpoints (only within your VPC) provided in the Basic Information of your RDS instance. If you need a public endpoint, you can apply for one.


Sure, you can connect your application on ECS instance to your RDS instance.

You can check this documentation: https://www.alibabacloud.com/help/product/26090.htm

or specific database:

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