I am using Firebase MLKit TextRecognition API. There is a warning when trying to update 'pod Firebase/MLVisionTextModel'. How to update Firebase MLKit library?

[!] FirebaseMLVisionTextModel has been deprecated in favor of MLKitTextRecognition

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Firebase on-device APIs have moved under GoogleMLKit.

On June 3, 2020, we made some changes to ML Kit for Firebase to better distinguish the on-device APIs from cloud based APIs. The current set of APIs is now split into the following two products:

  • A new product, simply called ML Kit, which will contain all the on-device APIs
  • Firebase Machine Learning, focused on cloud-based APIs and custom model deployment.

So the new version of Firebase/MLVisionTextModel is GoogleMLKit/TextRecognition

pod 'GoogleMLKit/TextRecognition'

There is also a Migration Guide to the new API.


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