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I want to insert a mschart into an Rmd which I would like to knit to docx. I have no idea how to insert the plot. For "normal" docx this works:

ms_linechart(data = mtcars, x = "vs", y = "mpg", group = "gear") -> chart
doc <- read_docx()
doc <- body_add_chart(doc, chart = chart, style = "centered")
print(doc, target = "example.docx")

Here's my code so far which is not working:

date: "`r Sys.Date()`"
author: "Your Name"
title: "Untitled"

```{r setup, include=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(echo = TRUE, fig.cap = TRUE)

body_add_chart(ms_linechart(data = mtcars, x = "vs", y = "mpg", group = "gear"))


Thanks for your help!

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I e-mailed the developer and it is not possible.


A workaround, which is not ideal, but that might be helpful for some:

In a chunk:

#Create plot object
my_plot <- 
data %>% 
  mschart::ms_scatterchart('x', 'y')

#Create a doc object using officer. Add chart.  
doc <- 
officer::read_docx() %>% 
body_add_chart(chart = my_plot)

#Save document to a folder
print(doc, target = here::here(path_results, "my_plot.docx"))

#Pour that document into the rmarkdown 
block_pour_docx(here::here(path_results, "my_plot.docx"))

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