I changed a package name on a JHipster Springboot project with open api and I get error that Product_ not found? My entity is Product what on earth is Product_ and how does it get created? What causes this to be generated or not. I see it in target/classes usually but not this time. Whats causes it to be generated or not generated?

  • You're talking about openapi but I assume that you don't use API first option so no openapi code generation. The generated classes you mention are the ones for JPA Entity filtering and they are generated by JPA Static Metamodel Generator. Check their docs to see what you broke docs.jboss.org/hibernate/orm/current/topical/html_single/… – Gaël Marziou Aug 26 at 13:10
  • Well what I did was to just change a package name and then use jhipster --skip-client – Roger Alkins Aug 26 at 13:30
  • So I had a monolith app that i changed package name from com.abc.efg.hij to com.abc.efg for everything – Roger Alkins Aug 26 at 13:31
  • You changed it in JDL or you answered questions? Then you ran again jhipster? – Gaël Marziou Aug 26 at 13:52
  • this is the error I see: /service/ProductQueryService.java:[107,105] cannot find symbol [ERROR] symbol: variable Product_ – Roger Alkins Aug 26 at 14:13

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