I deployed my project on Heroku for production testing.

In development environment I can use Rails.application.credentials.dig(:secret_key_base) to get secret key base for JWT authentication:

    # example
    def decode(token)
      key = Rails.application.credentials.dig(:secret_key_base)
      JWT.decode(token, key)

But when I use that in Heroku it returns "nil". I tried entering it in the console via rails console and it returned "nil".

What do I do to make it available in production?

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In order to decrypt the credentials file, you need to have RAILS_MASTER_KEY set in your environment.

You need to get the value from config/master.key and add it to the environment in Heroku's dashboard.

  • Yup and good luck when you precompile assets for production. It won't work. Apr 1, 2021 at 15:10

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