I've been trying to run my code and it throws an Import Error that says DLL load failed while importing qhull: The specified module could not be found.

What could be wrong, and what can I do to fix this


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Your question is too generic: there can be many reasons. My easiest and quick way to solve such class of problems (assuming you already checked the environment, and that you have relevant packages):

  • remove all python cache (.pyc files)

and if this doesn't solve the problem do:

  • copy the setting of your virtual environment (or conda environment)

  • delete the virtual environment (and then move or remove the remaining files)

  • create again the environment, with the packages you got from first point

Very often, with such procedures, you get again a working environment. It seems that on some updates, some files remain in the wrong place, and so the wrong version of a DLL is used, and it confuse python and windows, about inconsistent status.

Sometime you may have segmentation fault in Python program, alternate to failed to load DLL error.

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