I am trying out bookmarklet functionality on a mobile platform (Android 10).

The bookmarklet is named test and points to the code


How I test:

  • Save the bookmarklet as described above to the bookmarks folder;
  • Go to some random website;
  • In the address bar, start typing test;
  • The browser will recognize the bookmark and offer it in a menu;
  • Click it.


Question: Is this intentional on Mozilla's part and/or expected or am I missing something?

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It turns out bookmarklets do indeed fail to work on the latest Android Firefox. This was pointed out on the Mozilla support forum after I asked, with a link to the relevant github issue.

  • On iOS they are even intentionally disabled :( (github ticket #5626)
    – kdb
    Aug 4, 2021 at 7:35
  • Does this work for you now? The issue is closed but it's still not working for me.
    – z0r
    May 7, 2023 at 4:09

Firefox android doesn't let you run Bookmarklets the traditional way, But, there is a workaround, you can call Bookmarklet from the address bar,

First, you have to manually create a Bookmarklet by editing it,

For example, javascript:alert('foo'); and name it.

Then, on the page you waant to run this, search for the bookmarklet name in the address bar, and click on it.

Bookmarklet on Android

Below Tutorial might be helpful.


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