I have a GeoPandas dataframe named barrios and I use barrios.geometry.centroid and assign it to center.

So center is geopandas.geoseries.GeoSeries with an index and values - POINT (-58.42266 -34.57393)

I need to get these coordinates and save them as a list:

[(point_1_lat, point_1_lon), (point_2_lat, point_2_lon), ...]

I tried:

[center.values.y , center.values.x]

But it returns a list of 2 arrays - [array(lat), array(lng)].

How can I get the desired result?


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you can use the zip to loop through multiple variables. This should extract the coordinates to a list.

coord_list = [(x,y) for x,y in zip(gdf['geometry'].x , gdf['geometry'].y)]

alternatively, you can create a GeoDataFrame with the x and y coordinates. first, extract the x and y coordinates and put them in new columns.

import geopandas as gpd
url = r"link\to\file"
gdf = gpd.read_file(url)

gdf['x'] = None
gdf['y'] = None

gdf['x'] = gdf.geometry.apply(lambda x: x.x)
gdf['y'] = gdf.geometry.apply(lambda x: x.y)

this returns a GeoDataFrame with x and y coordinate columns. Now extracting the coordinates into the list.

coordinate_list = [(x,y) for x,y in zip(gdf.x , gdf.y)]

this return the list of coordinate tuples

[(105.27, -5.391),
 (107.615, -6.945264),
 (107.629, -6.941126700000001),
 (107.391, -6.9168726),
 (107.6569, -6.9087003),
 (107.638, -6.9999),
 (107.67, -6.553),
 (107.656, -6.8),

you'll have a list, and a GeoDataFrame with x and y columns.


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