This is the call that I am making to the Github Api.

updateFileContent(userName: string, repoName: string, folderName: string, fileName: string, content: any): Observable<any> {
    const options = {
        headers: new HttpHeaders({
            'Content-Type': 'application/vnd.github.v3+json',
            Authorization: 'token ' + sessionStorage.getItem('access_token')
    return this.http.put<any>('https://api.github.com/repos/' + userName + '/' + repoName + '/contents/' + folderName + '/' + fileName, content, options);

So this piece of code works perfectly on my ASP.NET Core - Angular app when I run it on localhost. But fails and gives me a 403 forbidden "Resource not accessible by integration" error message when I try the same operation after I deploy the app on Azure Websites. Any help is hugely appreciated.


Found the solution to the problem. The access token generated after the user login will not be able to access the GitHub API. We need a Personal Access Token generated to hit the API and make it work.

  • I'm currently dealing with this issue. How did you programmatically get the PAT for authorized users? – R Jackson Apr 13 at 21:44

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