All of these bits of text look the same, but I am trying to get them to look different. I want small caps text. What am I missing here to get the small caps typography effect to work?

To reproduce this, open Visual Studio 2008, Do File|New Project, create a new Windows|WPF application, paste the mark-up below into Window1.xaml, then run it.

<Window x:Class="WpfApplication1.Window1"
    Title="Window1" Height="300" Width="300">
                <Run>Some text</Run> <LineBreak />
                <Run Typography.Capitals="SmallCaps">Some text</Run> <LineBreak />
                <Run Typography.Capitals="AllSmallCaps">Some text</Run> <LineBreak />
                <Run Typography.Capitals="PetiteCaps">Some text</Run> <LineBreak />
                <Run Typography.Capitals="AllPetiteCaps">Some text</Run> <LineBreak />

Based on the first answer, it seems that if you specify a particular font, you can get somewhere. Change the FlowDocument start tag to:

   <FlowDocument FontFamily="Palatino Linotype">

.. and you get SmallCaps and AllSmallCaps, but not PetiteCaps or AllPetiteCaps. So it depends on the font. But this gives rise to other questions:

  • Why doesn't the default font (which looks a lot like Times New Roman) support these?
  • Do other widely used fonts (e.g. the local Courier New equivalent) support these?
  • Is there a list of which fonts support what?
  • What percentage of fonts will support this - most, some, or few?
  • Can you determine in code what the font supports - if this is the case, I could fake the AllSmallCaps - e.g. by converting the text to all capitals and scaling by 80%. But not SmallCaps.
  • Good question. That's pretty much the most basic example from the help and it doesn't work.
    – Ray
    Mar 11, 2009 at 21:49

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This only works with specific OpenType fonts - the example in Help uses Pescadero which is in the Open Type Sample. Even then, only SmallCaps and AllSmallCaps are supported.


I noticed that default font with a "bold" fontweight does render the SmallCaps properly:

    <TextBlock Typography.Capitals="SmallCaps" FontFamily="Pescadero" Padding="2">2pm</TextBlock>
    <TextBlock Typography.Capitals="SmallCaps" FontWeight="Bold" Padding="2">2pm</TextBlock>

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