I have a HashMap<CustomClass, Double> that I'm populating inside a loop, and I'd like to produce a CustomClass[] which is sorted by the corresponding doubles in my HashMap.

I can do this by initializing an empty array of doubles outside my loop and populating it with the same doubles that I used as values in my HashMap. After looping, I can use something like Arrays.sort(my_doubles_array) to sort my doubles, then iterate through them, comparing HashMap values and picking out matching keys. This way works, but it seems like there's unnecessary work here.

Is there a way I can do this better?


Using streams:

CustomClass[] array =

An alternative without streams:

CustomClass[] array = map.keySet().toArray(new CustomClass[0]);
Arrays.sort(array, comparingDouble(map::get));

And you can do it in pre-Java 8 by replacing the comparator with an anonymous comparator (or similar):

new Comparator<CustomClass>() {
  public int compare(CustomClass a, CustomClass b) {
    return Double.compare(map.get(a), map.get(b));

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