I am trying to install gem install travis to use travis-cli as per reference https://rubygems.org/gems/travis but getting below error.

Tried solution mentioned here https://github.com/ffi/ffi/issues/653 :

brew reinstall libffi
export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/local/opt/libffi/lib"
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/opt/libffi/lib/pkgconfig"
gem install travis

package configuration for libffi is not found "xcrun clang -o conftest -I/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/include/ruby-2.3.0/universal-darwin16 -I/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/include/ruby-2.3.0/ruby/backward -I/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/include/ruby-2.3.0 -I. -D_XOPEN_SOURCE -D_DARWIN_C_SOURCE -D_DARWIN_UNLIMITED_SELECT -D_REENTRANT -g -Os -pipe -DHAVE_GCC_ATOMIC_BUILTINS -iwithsysroot /usr/local/libressl/include conftest.c -L. -L/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/lib -L. -L /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.12.Internal.sdk/usr/local/libressl/lib -L/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.12.Internal.sdk/usr/local/lib -arch x86_64 -arch i386 -lruby.2.3.0 -lpthread -ldl -lobjc " In file included from conftest.c:1: In file included from /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/include/ruby-2.3.0/ruby.h:33: /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/include/ruby-2.3.0/ruby/ruby.h:24:10: fatal error: 'ruby/config.h' file not found #include "ruby/config.h" ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 error generated. checked program was: /* begin */ 1: #include "ruby.h" 2: 3: int main(int argc, char *argv) 4: { 5: return 0; 6: } / end */

Any help will be appreciated! try finding out but didn't find helpful

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This will do the trick

sudo gem install -n /usr/local/bin cocoapods -v 1.8.4

Latest CocoaPods 1.10.0 won't work.


if you want to instal CocoaPods 1.10.0 + you can use HomeBrew and then enter the below in command line

brew install cocoapods
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    confirmed as of 5 mins ago, props! also I needed 1.9.x, so i had to follow this. – petrosmm Mar 12 at 2:35
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    How to update up to 1.10.0 version now? – Max Raskolnikov Mar 13 at 15:21
  • will update my answer with how to do it – Alsh compiler Mar 15 at 16:02
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    this worked like smoother than anything else. Thanks @Alshcompiler – aviboy2006 Apr 1 at 22:01

I had the same problem. I noticed the files are searched in


I had installed XCode 12.2 with its command line tools which didn't have that folder but universal-darwin20. I solved it by soft linking that folder to universal-darwin16.

From terminal:

ln -s /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/include/ruby-2.3.0/universal-darwin20 /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/SDKs/MacOSX.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.3/usr/include/ruby-2.3.0/universal-darwin16

  • let me try this. Thanks – aviboy2006 Nov 17 '20 at 7:47

Thanks to the previous response who symlinked the universal-darwin I figured out the location on mine was little different within Xcode app. For anyone who might need this:

ln -s /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX11.0.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.6/usr/include/ruby-2.6.0/universal-darwin20 /Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/MacOSX.platform/Developer/SDKs/MacOSX11.0.sdk/System/Library/Frameworks/Ruby.framework/Versions/2.6/usr/include/ruby-2.6.0/universal-darwin19
  • This fixed it for me (I had to figure out what my actual directory was, but it did the trick after that). Thank you so much! – cmaronchick Jan 2 at 4:25

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