• In JupyterLab, given the following code cell, how may it be split into multiple cells?

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  • Likewise, given the following cells, how may they be combined into a single cell?

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When working directly with JupyterLab, not in an IDE.

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  • JupyterLab: splitCell
  • In order to split one cell into many cells:
    • Place cursors where the split is desired, and then press and release ctrl + shift + -
    • Multiple cursors may be placed, by holding ctrl, and clicking the location for the cursor.

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  • JupyterLab: mergeCells
  • In order to merge multiple cells, into one cell:
    • Select the desired, consecutive cells, by holding shift, and clicking in the margin, where the [ ] is, which will highlight the selected cells.
    • While still holding shift, press m, and then release both keys.

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For those that come here for Jupyter in VSCode, you can merge cells by:

  1. Selecting the cells (using shift + arrow is supported)
  2. Right click > Join With Previous Cell (or Join With Next Cell)

Join With Previous Cell key: Shift+Alt+Windows+J

Join With Next Cell key: Alt+Windows+J

NOTE: that it will join the selected range + previous or next cell. So, if you just want to merge two cell, no need to select using shift + arrow.

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    You can also recreate the default shortcut for jupyter by going to your keyboard shortcuts and setting shift+m for notebook.cell.joinSelected (Notebook: Join selected cells). If you open the json file through the command palette, you can set the when trigger to "when": "notebookEditorFocused".
    – Mr. Duhart
    Sep 12 at 18:17

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