I have a personal website using SoundCloud API to play my favorites tracks in the page.

It was working and i have not done any change or work but now i see that the songs can not be played anymore, i check in the network console and i see two requests, one is returning 302 redirect and the other is returning 404 ( not found ).

404 Not Found You're asking for something that doesn't exist. Check the URL that you're requesting.

See the image in attached

enter image description here

How can i figure this out? I do not know if it is related to my client id or some other Soundcloud API issues or changes.

  • Are you using the widget with an api key? Maybe they eventually revoked your key as they closed applications to major partners and keep revoking older keys. I also believe they made a change in their api recently. – Tom-Oliver Heidel Sep 10 at 0:51
  • I am not using the widget – Koala7 Sep 14 at 10:44

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