I would integrate the ng-chat (https://www.npmjs.com/package/ng-chat) in my application which i have created with JHipster 6. My Problem is, that i dont know how to integrate the node.js server.js in my jhipster application so, that i could deploy this then on google cloud. The application what i mean is www.createyourevent.org . I think that shouldnt be so complicated but i never had have created an application with an Socket.io adapter for the chat. And how i could start then this server in an app enginge from google cloud? Is there maybe a dev which could help me. I maybe would pay something too..if someone could implement this for me in a new JHipster-Application and write a small describption how to deploy this..thank you so much..

Greats and regards from the heartfull mind Manuel Miklo

  • I think this is not the right platform for your question. If people over here have the answer to your question they will post with proper description. Please don't mention to pay for anything. – Ravi Jiyani Aug 31 at 5:14

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