How do I change the Order of the MenuItem - currently it is sorted Alphabetically, I dont want it to be sorted

                    new MenuItemDefinition(
                        url: "Users",
                        icon: "fas fa-users",
                        permissionDependency: new SimplePermissionDependency(PermissionNames.Users)
                    new MenuItemDefinition(
                        url: "Roles",
                        icon: "fas fa-theater-masks",
                        permissionDependency: new SimplePermissionDependency(PermissionNames.Roles)

After initialize in aspnetboilerplate NavigationProvider ,You can sort items by any properties and add sorted list to menu for exmaple

var itms = menu.Items.ToList();
        itms = itms.OrderBy(p=>p.BlahBlah).ToList();
        foreach (var t in itms)

and you can make it recursive for all level menus.

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  • Where do I find the menu initialization ? I dont want it to sort, I need it to display as I add them in NavigationProvider – MrD Sep 7 at 8:11
  • This is the default behavior. Menus are displayed in the same order as they were added to the navigationProvider. – Omital Sep 8 at 3:58

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