I'm using Jhipster for my web application, Spring Boot and angular.

I want to work with frontend freelance developer, For that I would like to deploy the frontend separately.

How can I do it?

  • What is "frontend freelance developer"? To deploy the frontend separately, you don't necessarily need to isolate it in its own folder/repo, it can be easily done by the build process. Please edit your question to clarify it. Why did you tag it with jhipster-registry? – Gaël Marziou Sep 1 at 20:13

Like Gaƫl Marziou mentioned, it isn't necessary to separate the frontend code from the backend code. Your app is generated with angular: you'll find the frontend code in src/main/webapp and you can edit the Angular-code of your jhipster generated application with any development tool.

You also can generate the frontend only with jhipster --skip-server as mentioned in https://www.jhipster.tech/creating-an-app/.

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