It is AuthenticationProperties config:

 AuthenticationManager.SignIn(new AuthenticationProperties
            IsPersistent = false,
            AllowRefresh = true,
            ExpiresUtc = DateTimeOffset.UtcNow.AddHours(int.Parse("2"))
        }, identity);

after 2 hour user get error

400 (Empty or invalid anti forgery header token.)

how can I automatically redirect user to login page after getting this error? Aspnetboilerplate SPA+MVC+Angularjs version 5.10.1

  • any suggestion? – Omital Sep 8 at 4:45

You can disable checking anti-forgery validation by using the following code in you PreInitialize()

Configuration.Modules.AbpWeb().AntiForgery.IsEnabled = false;

Does this fix your issue or you need to check anti-forgery validation?

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  • Because of security leakage we don't want to disable it. – Omital Sep 5 at 7:07

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