I am using an apoc.periodic.iterate query to store millions of data . Since the data may contain duplicates I am using MERGE action to create nodes but unfortunately whenever the data is duplicated the whole batch is getting with error like this

"LockClient[200] can't wait on resource RWLock[NODE(14), hash=1645803399] since => LockClient[200] <-[:HELD_BY]- RWLock[NODE(101)"

  • Changing parallel as false works fine
  • Also by removing duplicates the query is passed successfully

But both of the above solution takes more time since dealing with millions of data . Is there any alternate solution like making a it to wait for the lock

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You cannot use parallel:true, because you are creating relationships in your query. Every time you want to add a relationship to a node, the cypher engine adds a write lock to a node, and other processes can't add to that particular node. That is why you have the write lock exception. Not much you can do except to run it with parallel:false setting.


To avoid deadlocks, concurrent requests that update the DB should avoid touching the same nodes or relationships (including the nodes on both ends of those relationships). One way to achieve this is to figure out a way to have the concurrent requests work on disjoint subgraphs.

Or, you can retry queries that throw a DeadlockDetectedException. The docs show an example of how to do that.

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