I am using Autocomplete of prime ng in formly, I am not able to set the default value of this field from one of the options in the list. I have gone through the primeng documentation of angular it suggests to use ngModel in which it works fine, but how can we use this with formly field of autocomplete.

I have created a sample using Stackblitz for better demonstration


Also the code is as follows:

FromlyAutoComplete Component

 (completeMethod)="to.searchObject(to, $event)"
 (onSelect) ="to.onSelect(field,$event)"

In the component where I am consuming the code is as follows:

{ //Autocomplete field starts here
  className: 'form-group col-md-6',
  key: 'employee',
  type: 'autocomplete',
  wrappers: ['form-field'],
  defaultValue: formState.employees[0].value, //Setting here doesnt help
  results: [],
  placeholder: 'Select Employee',
  required: true,
  searchObject: (templateOptions, $event) => 
    templateOptions.results =
    formState.employees.filter(item =>item.label.toLowerCase().indexOf($event.query.toLowerCase()) > -1);

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