I am developping a CodeIgniter 4 library that uses uri_string() (from the text helper) and I want to test that library with unit tests.

Is there way, with CI4 or phpunit, to artificially set the current URL (or URI) to the desired string?

I tried a simple $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] = '/whatever/i/want'; but it's ineffective.

If it doesn't exist, my guess would be to write two functions in my test suites:


$current_uri = null;

function set_uri($uri)
    $current_uri = $uri;

function uri_string()
    if (null !== $current_uri)
        return $current_uri;

    return $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

Even though it's a simple process, I'd rather use some framework defined function, or else I'd have to unit test my unit tests… I don't want to go down that rabbit hole.

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