I'm using Aspnetboilerplate version 5.10.1, Angularjs and SPA template.

How can I add AntiForgeryToken to html page Or How can I using cshtml file extention for angularjs directive templateUrl

(function () {
angular.module('app').directive('uploadList', ["$compile", "$location", "factoryPagingHelper", "abp.services.app.upload", "azmaSettings", 'FileUploader',
function ($compile, $location, factoryPagingHelper, uploadService, azmaSettings, fileUploader) {
    return {
        restrict: 'AE',
        templateUrl: abp.appPath + 'App/Main/Templates/uploadList.html' + azmaSettings.version, /// upload template
        scope: { control: '=' },
        replace: true,
        link: function ($scope, $element, $attrs) {

            var localize = abp.localization.getSource('fms');

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