Facebook Audience Network has update its android sdk to 6.0.0, due to this, Android SDK takes com. facebook file with 6.0.0, but they didn't update unity sdk.

Due to this, Facebook Audience network give error of "AdSetting".

If I separately integrate current SDK, it works fine and resolve the file with com.facebook.android.audience-network-sdk-5.11.0 but when I resolve dependency with admob, it give com.facebook.android.audience-network-sdk-6.0.0 and after building, it give the following error

2020/09/04 13:03:13.663 28257 28287 Error Unity AndroidJavaException:
 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: no non-static method with name='setAdListener' 
 signature='(Lcom.facebook.ads.InterstitialAdExtendedListener;)V' in class 
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  • I am facing the same problem. Have you found the solution? – Maulik Lathiya Sep 10 at 12:13
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    No, not yet. I can only fix this issue by putting old file again in place of 6.0.0 – Umair Hassan Sep 15 at 6:53

facebook remove setAdListener deprecated APIs in last audience network SDK 6.0.0, check the new method in facebook developers : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/audience-network/changelog-android/

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  • They should update their unity SDK then because changing their script will result in more errors – Umair Hassan Sep 17 at 4:20

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