I am using fastai v1 and trained a resnet50 model on my image data set. Though I want to visualize how the activations look like at each layer or at least some of the intermediate layers. I found one post which showed me how to visualize at first layer, but I am not sure how would i do it for other intermediate results The code for first layer is

def visualize_first_layer(learn):
    conv1 = list(learn.model.children())[0][0]
    weights = conv1.weight.data.cpu().numpy()
    weights_shape = weights.shape
    weights = minmax_scale(weights.ravel()).reshape(weights_shape)
    fig, axes = plt.subplots(8, 8, figsize=(8,8))
    for i, ax in enumerate(axes.flat):
        ax.imshow(np.rollaxis(weights[i], 0, 3))


The problem i have is the other conv2d layers are under bottleneck which is not subscriptable.

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