I used discord.py to make a bot that stores the user ids in its database to identify them but I can't figure out how to get the avatar of a specific user just by using their id. I searched around and found about something like this - Client.get_user() but it doesn't work for me as I couldn't understand it's working from the documentation. Is there any way I can pick up a user's id string from my database and pass it through a function to get that user's avatar and use that in an embed?

I found another question on StackOverflow like mine but the solution in that one doesn't work for me as well.

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According to the article, you get the user's id and request the avatar data of the user. It looks like string. Here is the sample JSON response from the request:

  "id": "80351110224678912",
  "username": "Nelly",
  "discriminator": "1337",
  "avatar": "8342729096ea3675442027381ff50dfe",
  "verified": true,
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "flags": 64,
  "premium_type": 1,
  "public_flags": 64

Now when you get this: "avatar": "8342729096ea3675442027381ff50dfe", you know that the avatar data is 8342729096ea3675442027381ff50dfe. After that, you will use Image Base Url for images: https://cdn.discordapp.com/.
To request an image you have to chose format (jpg, gif, png etc...). So your final request should be:


where user_id and user_avatar are variables to be changed. For example:


You can use user = discord.utils.get(ctx.guild.members, id='id that you get from database(must be integer)') then you can get the avatar with user.avatar_url. Here is an example do this:

user_id = "get the user id from database"
user = discord.utils.get(ctx.guild.members, id=int(user_id))
avatar = user.avatar_url

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